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From January 2007, to June 2011, I worked as a full-time Direct Mail, Design and Advertising Associate for the University Press of New England (UPNE is Dartmouth College’s University Press).

While at UPNE, I had close working relationships with my colleagues at the six UPNE Member Presses, with UPNE’s Book Partners, with 25 distribution clients, and with the authors whose books I helped to promote and sell.

In each case, whether it was for a UPNE author, one of the member presses, or UPNE Book Partners,
I worked to design pieces that were inviting to read and seasonal book catalogs that made people want
to read these books.

Here are a few pieces that I’ve designed and produced at UPNE:

I created a New England regional subject brochure for our sales reps as a primary sales tool. Our sales reps gushed that “it was the most effective sales tool that had ever been designed for them.”

I designed unique fold out direct mail brochures (and online versions) showcasing Chipstone Foundation’s award-winning Furniture and Ceramic Showcase Annuals.

I created themed brochures in Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, and Art and Architecture to showcase our growing list of arts publications. These were successfully distributed at the CA Conference, the Ceramics Conference and the Arts and Antiques Show in NYC and garnered sales and new distribution clients.

For our member press, Brandeis University Press, I created series brochures for: The Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry, and The Shusterman series in Israel Studies.

I researched and negotiated a combination print and web advertising deal with Opera News to promote Birgit Nilsson’s new Opera book La Nilsson, My Life in Opera, and reintroduced our complete line of Opera books. The acquisition editor’s phone rang off the hook with calls from around the globe, and La Nilsson racked up sales as one of the top 10 sellers of the year.


“Hi Chris: The Spring 2010 catalog is really nice! It’s always so much fun to see the new books. Suzanna just looked at the catalog, and was gushing with compliments on how nice it looked— layout-wise and I wanted to pass that along. It does look nice a simple and clean.”

—Leslie Starr, Assistant Director, Wesleyan University Press

“I have made an inquiry with WGBH and the Forum Network and well as the Women's History Project. Thank you for all of your creative input. It is a real joy working with you and your colleagues.”

—Betsy Krieg Salm, author, Women’s Painted Furniture