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With the avalanche of competing messages bombarding each of us on a daily basis, it’s harder and harder to grab a person’s attention. I try to design distinctive pieces that stand out and that motivate a reader to act: to attend an event, enroll in a class or a school program, visit a historic site, or become a member.

Here are some examples:

Historic Hudson Valley, Inc.

For Historic Hudson Valley (HHV), I have created numerous prototype magazines, newsletters, invitations, and membership brochures. HHV is a non-profit educational organization and a leader in historic preservation and interpretation of the Hudson River Valley in upstate New York. HHV is a museum of eight historically significant sites containing buildings, landscapes and collections and I frequently met with curators in order to craft pieces to promote them.

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"The Montgomery Place site brochure design was spectacular. It resulted in a measurable increase in attendance to the site by 65%. People came to the site with the brochure in hand."

–McKelden Smith, Former Marketing Director, Historic Hudson Valley

"The School Programs brochure was not only strategically on-target and visually outstanding, I see it as the reason that we sold out our school programs for the year."

–Ross Higgins, School Programs Director, Historic Hudson Valley