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Community Organizations

Newsletters, magazines, brochures, annual reports and corporate profiles are a few of the promotional pieces that I’ve designed and produced. I believe a well-designed piece should compliment the text, not steal the show, and make the articles inviting to read.

My goal is to create a brand identity for my clients and produce well-written and well-designed pieces that reinforce that identity.

Here are some examples:

The Greenwich Family YMCA

In creating a brand identity for the Greenwich Family YMCA (formerly the YMCA of Greenwich) I created YNEWS and gave it a magazine format.

Working closely with the marketing and development team of the Greenwich Family YMCA, I also created many corporate logos, graphic emblems, pen & ink, watercolor and digital illustrations for the newsletters, magazines, brochures, annual reports, program guides that I worked on.



" We’ve gotten a lot of compliments about all of the new YMCA pieces, but the Eyes on the Future piece done for the Heritage Society was really a feather in our caps, both for the YMCA and for the community at large.”

–Pam Hearn, Former Marketing and Development Director, YMCA of Greenwich