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I think that conceptual thinking and design go hand-in-hand.

Here are some examples:


I designed a unique direct mailer, with a roll out format, for local Saab car dealerships. A headline teaser line begins on the cover and is completed inside. Tips for Saab owners are listed as a special feature in Under the Hood. Letters from Saab owners recounting amazing ownership stories are retold. And, we see exploded views and cross-sectionals of a Saab’s unique engineering features.

Manhattan Fine Arts Storage

Edison Parking Corporation needed a direct mail piece and an ad campaign for its new Manhattan Fine Arts Storage Business in Soho, New York. To capture the imagination of artists and art gallery owners alike, I created a two-in-one, die-cut direct mail piece, combining innovative photography with pen & ink, to illustrate the idea of storing and showing your artwork in one place.


Edison Parking Corporation

For Edison Parking Corporation I designed a capability brochure to help them gain new customers, like Donald Trump, and to represent their interests in the State Legislature. Taking a less than glamorous subject, parking and storage, I made it exciting through my design and execution.

Using a car concept to identify each section, I created a corporate profile that shows Edison Parking Corporation as a truly diversified company on the cutting edge of technology, and a state-of-the art parking and storage corporation with its own engineering and re-engineering departments, signage, and uniforms. I also spotlighted Edison as an innovator in its field and the owner of Manhattan Mini-Storage, Manhattan Fine Arts Storage, Red Carpet and Airpark parking programs.

Sonoco Products Company, Inc.

Several of my ads have won awards. Here are a few favorites ads of mine that have won Sawyer awards in the industrial advertising category: Sonoco pre-cut cores, Sonoco packaging, and Patton packaging.