My name is Christine Hauck and I am an art director/graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience.

This site features a small sampling of the projects that I’ve designed for clients over the years.

The ABOUT section in this site tells you a little more about me, and gives you a detailed list about the type and scope of projects not shown here.

I hope that you like my work and I hope, too, that you will consider me for your next design project or better yet, for a design job.

Ongoing, I’m working on the social media for the Hartland Community Arts’ Hartland JazzFest (of which I am now a board member) and the First Congregational Church of Hartland-UCC.

I’m very excited about these two social media projects.

To see more please visit the Facebook page or tweet to HartlndJazzFest. And for the First Congregational Church of Hartland-UCC please visit the Facebook page.

Thank you,
Christine Hauck

c: 1-203-622-1622 
t: 1-802-436-1253

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